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Firefox 13 beta released, no longer restores all your tabs at re-launch

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You can now check out the beta for Firefox 13, which includes a few features and changes to speed up your browsing experience.

Firefox Logo
Firefox Logo

Firefox 12 may have just launched, but if you're curious what's next for the browser the beta for the 13th version is already available. The changes are mostly minor but they should result in speedier browsing. For example, when you restart the browser it no longer automatically re-opens all of the tabs you had open in the background, which is welcome news to those of us who suffer from "excessive tab syndrome." Users will also now find the SPDY protocol enabled by default to ensure faster browsing, and there's a new default home page with easy access to things like bookmarks and history. The majority of the changes are on the developer end, but if you're curious you can download the beta ahead of the full release now from the source link below.