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Galaxy Nexus owners reporting data connection issues on Sprint, software fix is coming

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Some Sprint customers are finding that they can't connect to the carrier's 3G network with their new Galaxy Nexus phones, though the company says a fix is on the way.

Sprint Galaxy Nexus
Sprint Galaxy Nexus

A number of owners of the newly launched Galaxy Nexus on Sprint are reporting issues connecting to the carrier's 3G network, though it looks like a fix is on the way. Based on posts on Sprint's message boards, not everyone is having the issue — which is preventing some users from getting a data connection at all — and in some cases Sprint is willing to replace faulty phones for customers. However, it appears as though the problem isn't hardware related — a Sprint moderator posted that the company is aware of the issue and is working on a software update to fix it. "Can't commit to a date yet, but they are trying really hard to get it released early next week," they wrote. Until then, it looks like Galaxy Nexus owners will have to make do with Wi-Fi.