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USB tin can telephone lets you relive your childhood over Skype

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Relive your childhood with a modern version of the tin can telephone that works with your smartphone or computer.

Kickstarter tin can
Kickstarter tin can

A new Kickstarter project is hoping to tap into the nostalgic feeling of talking into a tin can with a modern version that plugs into your phone or computer. The device is essentially a microphone and speaker that have been crammed into a can — which the creators say have been "sustainably harvested" — providing the same functionality as a standard headset. There's a mini version for mobile phones that works with a regular headphone jack, as well as a larger version the connects to your Mac or PC via USB.

Just like the telephone cans from your childhood, you'll need to put your mouth and ear right up to the can to speak and hear, though if you turn the volume up high enough you might be able to get around this. Constantly moving a metal can back and forth isn't the most efficient way of chatting, but of course this project is more about nostalgia than convenience. In fact, the creators don't even seem too sure why the device needs to be made, saying that "there are things in this universe that can't be explained with science or reason." The Kickstarter currently has 30 days to go and is hoping to raise $30,000.