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Apple in talks with Epix movie service for Apple TV and 'upcoming devices,' says Reuters

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Apple TV 2012 hero (EMBARGO)
Apple TV 2012 hero (EMBARGO)

Apple TV is already home to a number of third-party video streaming services: Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, and a handful of sports-related "channels" like NBA, NHL, and According to Reuters, the folks in Cupertino are in talks with Epix to put its movie service on its current set-top box and "upcoming devices that stream content." That's strong wording from Reuters, and the article goes on to make multiple, less-subtle references to the long-rumored Apple "iTV" smart television.

The talks are said to be in the "preliminary stages," and what makes it complicated is that Epix — backed by major studios Lions Gate, MGM, and Paramount Pictures — has an agreement with Netflix that gives that video service exclusive rights to Epix content reportedly until September of this year. In other words, it would be a while before anything comes of this, and in the meantime, you can already watch Epix content on Apple TV via the Netflix app. So it goes.