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NASA's Project Gemini photos all available online, including this melancholy image of astronaut Ed White

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A rare shot of astronaut Ed White has been restored, among all the other downloadable Project Gemini photos.

Ed White NASA Gemini IV stock 1024
Ed White NASA Gemini IV stock 1024

NASA's Project Gemini began 50 years ago. Starting in 1965, it would send two men to the stars ten times over, until the United States decided to reach for the moon with Apollo. The man in the picture above is Ed White, the first American ever to walk in space, and later part of the Apollo 1 crew. If not for the tragic fire that killed the Apollo 1 crew in 1967, he might have walked on the moon, too. When it was time to return to the capsule, after his spacewalk, he didn't want to go, famously calling it the saddest moment of his life. Here, though, in one of the many, many restored photos from Project Gemini, he stares into his beloved space for an eternity to come. You can find it and every other Gemini photo, downloadable at high-resolution, at our source link below.