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Google Drive comes to Chrome OS development channel builds

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The Chrome OS development channel has rolled out a new version of the operating system that integrates Google Drive directly in to the file manager.

Chromebook Aura
Chromebook Aura

We knew that Google planned to bring the newly-released Google Drive to Chrome OS, and it hasn't wasted any time. A new build of the operating system has rolled out on the Chrome OS development channel that integrates the storage service directly into the operating system's file manager. Version 20.0.1116.0 is meant for the Acer AC700, Samsung Series 5 machines, and the original CR-48, and also adds a series of security improvements and feature tweaks. Development channel releases are some of the earliest ones to make it out to the public so there may be issues with stability or performance, but If you want to get it on the ground floor, you can find out how to access it on the Chrome OS support site.