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Great at mobile games? You could become a Guinness World Record holder this weekend

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Guinness World Records as teamed up with mobile leaderboard service Kiip to recognize some of the best mobile gamers.

Guinness Mobile Games
Guinness Mobile Games

The best mobile gamers could be rewarded for their efforts this weekend, as Guinness World Records is holding a three-day event to find them. High scores on the iOS versions of Mega Jump, Slam Dunk Basketball, and Monster Shooter that are submitted to leaderboard and reward service Kiip will receive certificates for the "Highest Score Achieved" on each game, and will enter the 2013 record book when it is published next year. While the game selection might seem a little random — the titles aren't exactly Angry Birds or Cut the Rope — who are we to question Guinness' methods?

Gaming has been recognised by the Guinness World Records for some years now, with the youngest professional gamer, first professional gamer, and even weirder records like the longest gaming session in indoor freefall all being recorded in the annals of the book. This is a first for mobile games, though, and Kiip's CEO Brian Wong is excited, saying that his company has "always thought that the Guinness World Record is the ultimate achievement."