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Play this: 'Extensionism'

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Ludum Dare game jam entry Extensionism combines low-fi visuals and simple controls for a great exploration-based experience.


We've already seen some great time wasters come out of the Ludum Dare game jam's "tiny world" theme — including Millinaut and Super Mario Summary — and now Jacob "Eelfroth" Bauer's Extensionism gives another example of what can be made in just 48 hours. It's a game that's all about exploration. You start in a dark room with no real direction, and the fun comes from first figuring out what to do and then how to do it (we won't ruin it for you). You control the game using only the arrow keys, and the presentation is delightfully low-fi, with distorted visuals that make you feel like you're playing on a 20-year-old television. You can grab the game for free at the source link below — there's a web version in addition to Linux, OS X, and Windows downloads — and it sounds like the creator might even be expanding on the concept at some point. "There is not much gameplay yet," Bauer admits, "but there are ways to extend it..."