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Origin EON11-S 11-inch Clevo gaming laptop released with Ivy Bridge processors

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Origin's EON11-S 11-inch gaming laptop is now shipping with Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

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Clevo Origin EON11-S
Clevo Origin EON11-S

Origin's rebranded Clevo gaming laptops were already upgraded to support Intel's third-generation processor, and now the 11-inch Ivy Bridge gaming powerhouse it promised on Friday has been released. The Clevo W110ER laptop is being sold as, among other names, the Origin EON11-S and includes a quad-core Core i7-3612QM processor, GeForce GT 650M Kepler graphics card with 2GB of memory, and 1366 x 768 11.6-inch display. It starts at $999, but you'll be paying at least $1,294 if you want the Ivy Bridge processor. A slightly cheaper rebadged version, the Mythlogic Chaos 1212, is available for $1,166.33 with the same processor. Several other brands' versions are also available, but they don't appear to have added Ivy Bridge as an option yet.

If you're looking for one of Clevo's larger machines, the rest of the Origin line also appears to be shipping with Ivy Bridge. The new processors bump the price up by at least $150 for most models, meaning that you'll be looking at $1,724 minimum for the 15.6-inch EON15-S with the Core i7-3610QM and $1,755 for the 17.3-inch EON17-S. These laptops are all available through Origin's site; you can also keep watching for Ivy Bridge on other brands' versions of the W110ER, including the Sager NP6110, Eurocom Monster 1.0, and Maingear Pulse 11.