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Nvidia's GeForce Experience will optimize your game's graphics settings with a supercomputer

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Nvidia is announcing GeForce Experience, a cloud-based solution that will tailor graphics settings to a user's hardware and software environment for optimal gaming performance.

geforce experience
geforce experience

On the same day as Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 690 GPU was announced, the company’s president Jen-Hsun Huang also told the audience about a five-year project at the company that, if it works as promised, could be a real solution to the recommended graphics settings crapshoot. Named GeForce Experience, the cloud-based service will use supercomputers to determine the optimal combination of settings for each game, tailoring it to the user's particular hardware and software environment. With a piece of GeForce Experience software on their PCs, players will be able to simply click a button in order to download the optimal settings, along with the newest drivers.

"We literally use this data center, and this supercomputer, to methodically search the perfect setting for each GPU, CPU, motherboard, operating system, and driver configuration."

One of PC gaming’s strengths is the ability to configure graphics in-game, letting players with very different hardware and software setups enjoy the same title. The flip side is a bewildering array of graphics sliders with names like "radial blur quality" and "distant object detail" that users need to tweak in order to milk the best performance out of their machines. In his presentation, Huang said that four out of five gamers play games at their default settings, meaning 144 million or so PC gamers are missing out on an optimal (or even good) gaming experience. The GeForce Experience beta launches in June.