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MorpHex robot can now walk and roll

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Kåre Halvorsen's morphing robot can now roll in addition to walking around.

Morphex robot
Morphex robot

We first saw the MorpHex back in December, but at that time the morphing robot was missing one key feature — it couldn't roll. Now creator Kåre Halvorsen has released a video that shows the bot doing just that. In addition to being able to walk, the MorpHex can also pull its legs in to turn into a sphere, and the individual sections of the robot can then be used to push it in a given direction. The rolling isn't perfect, and Halvorsen says it's because right now the sphere is asymmetrical, as the upper and lower halves aren't identical. The next iteration will include a symmetrical design that should allow the MorpHex to roll easily in any direction. After that? We can only imagine a Samus Aran-style bomb jump.