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Timehop social media aggregator adds Pinterest-style boards for saving your favorite memories

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Timehop, a social media aggregator, has just started letting users add their favorite memories from social networks to a Pinterest-style "favorites" board.


There are so many social networks now that sites are springing up whose only purpose is to aggregate your social content from other networks. One such example is Timehop, which sends its users an email every day highlighting their activity on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram from the same day one year prior. While these emails were previously the only way of interacting with Timehop, the aggregator is taking a page out of Pinterest's playbook by letting users add favorite moments to a board on Timehop's web site.

While these boards visually bear a strong resemblance to Pinterest, the boards are currently private to individual Timehop users, and you're only allowed to have a single board. However, Timehop co-founder Jonathan Wegener told All Things D that sharing and multiple boards would be added soon, saying "we're making Timehop more social and interactive and turning it from a purely consumption experience into more of a place for social interactions on the Timehop website." While a network for sharing old updates from other social networks feels like it could get very meta very quickly, people do love memories, so having a social network scrapbook might be an idea that catches on.