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Shazam reaches version five for iOS, adds one-second tagging

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The latest version of the Shazam app for iPhone and iPod Touch allows you to tag music in as little as one second, along with a number of other added features.

Shazam iPhone
Shazam iPhone

Music idenitifcation service Shazam announced the launch of version 5.0 of its iPhone and iPod Touch app today, which significantly reduces the amount of time needed to successfully tag a track. The company's saying that it can now identify songs and certain TV content in as little as one second — a dramatic decrease from the 30 seconds typically required by older versions. As well as rapid tagging, the app improves sharing via Facebook and Twitter, adds a new streamlined user interface, and a number of new languages including Brazilian Portugese, Korean, and Spanish for South America.

All of the other features remain unchanged, including the LyricPlay feature which turns any track into a sing-along song. The Android version of the app received faster tagging in an update last month, so this brings the same feature to iOS users. All three versions of Shazam have been updated, and are available in the iTunes App Store now.