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MetroPCS adds $70 a month pricing tier for unlimited LTE data, caps $60 plan at 5GB

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MetroPCS has announced an additional, more expensive $70 per month tier for unlimited LTE data, capping its $60 plan at 5GB of usage a month. It has also changed its pricing structure to count LTE data in aggregate rather than separating streaming and browsing use.

MetroPCS Galaxy Attain, Connect 4G
MetroPCS Galaxy Attain, Connect 4G

MetroPCS LTE data plans just got a little less confusing, but users may not be happy with the changes. The company is adding a new tier to its plans, raising the rate for unlimited LTE data (along with unlimited voice, SMS, Rhapsody music, and Video On Demand) to $70 a month. The extant $60 plan will now offer 5GB a month, slowing users' speeds when they exceed that amount. "Customers will remain on the 4G LTE network but receive a reduced speed similar to what they might experience on MetroPCS' 3G networks," a company spokesperson told FierceWireless. Users of the cheaper $40 and $50 plans, which offer 250MB and 2.5GB of data respectively, will see the same thing happen after hitting their threshold.

This price hike isn't great news for customers, but it does help simplify the somewhat unusual MetroPCS data plans. Previously, users were given unlimited browsing, but "multimedia streaming" (usually through MetroPCS apps) was capped, and customers would have multimedia access cut off after hitting their limit. Now, LTE data is counted in aggregate "so customers no longer have to distinguish between web browsing and streaming multimedia," and streaming is slowed rather than stopped. MetroPCS first mentioned the possibility of a higher price tier, along with a plan to expand its spectrum allotment, on a conference call last week.