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iPhone owners use Wi-Fi more than Android users, says comScore

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A new report shows that iPhone users are much more likely to utilize Wi-Fi than their Android counterparts.

Apple Google iPhone Android (1020)
Apple Google iPhone Android (1020)

According to a new report, owners of iPhones are much more likely to use Wi-Fi than Android users, and that's especially true in the UK. New data from research firm comScore shows that 71 percent of iPhone users in the US connect to both Wi-Fi and their mobile network, while the remaining 29 percent only use their mobile network. Android users, meanwhile, are almost the exact opposite: 32 percent connect to both Wi-Fi and their mobile plan, while 68 percent stick to mobile data only. These numbers are even greater in the UK where 87 percent of iPhone users utilize both networks compared to just 57 percent on Android.

Of course, the question is why iPhone users are so much more drawn to Wi-Fi than their Android counterparts, and unfortunately we can only postulate the reason. It could be that iPhone owners are simply connecting more and therefore want to offload some of their data to Wi-Fi, or maybe a distressingly large percentage of Android users aren't even aware that Wi-Fi is an option. As for the regional differences between the US and the UK, this could be due to the lack of high-speed LTE networks in the UK, an issue exacerbated by constant delays — or maybe Londoners are just using a lot of Wi-Fi while commuting.