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Read It Later's top saved domain is YouTube, so that's ironic

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Apparently YouTube is the number one site people are saving on Read It Later's bookmarking service.

read it later
read it later

You thought you were a rebel by saving videos to a longreads service, didn't you? Turns out this subversive, reality-breaking practice is actually the norm: Read It Later just dropped some stats knowledge gleaned from its four million users, and apparently YouTube is the number one site people are saving to the service — and we're guessing they're not clicking "Read It Later" for the comments. Read It Later started supporting video inside its app in 2010, and video saves are way up since then. Even more interesting is the fact that people tend to save long videos, with the median length of the top videos at nearly 30 minutes — flying in the face of "shorter is always better" web video convention. Up is down, down is up, and "reading" is video. Welcome to 2012. But don't take our word for it...