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Instagram for Android now available

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Instagram today announced the official public download of its Android app, available now.

instagram for android
instagram for android

Just a few weeks after teasing an Android app at SXSW, Instagram just announced that it's making an Android version of its app available today in the Google Play Store. According to Instagram, over 430,000 Android users had signed up for the app on the company's waiting list a week and a half ago. Since its launch in 2010, the app has been an iOS exclusive, and today after years of waiting, it's finally up as a free public download.

The new Android will work on any "camera phone" with Android 2.2 or later, though it won't work on any Android tablets. Visually, the new app is similar to the iOS app with the basic layout (home, popular, photo taking, personal, and your settings page), but you'll see slight visual tweaks throughout that make it identifiably an Android app. All the filters and community features are the same across iOS and Android, and Instagram notes that the Android app doesn't have any additional tools or features not available on iOS. Check out our full video hands-on here.