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Netgear Genie mobile app lets you manage network and media via iPhone, iPad, or Android

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A new mobile app from Netgear lets you manage your home network settings from a mobile device, as well as access any media that's on your network.

Netgear Genie
Netgear Genie

Netgear has released a new app for iPhone, iPad, and Android that lets you both manage your home network and access the media on it from a mobile device. Much like the Cisco Connect Express app, the free-to-download Netgear Genie lets you manage your network settings, so that you can do things like block unwanted users and fiddle with parental controls from your phone — provided you use a Netgear router, of course. Possibly more useful, though, is the MyMedia feature that lets you find and view any supported media on the network. You can use this to watch videos or listen to music from another DLNA-supported device on your phone or tablet, but Netgear says you can also push media to connected devices like a smart TV or game console, essentially turning your phone into a remote control. iOS users can also access printers on their network to wirelessly print from an iPhone or iPad through Apple's AirPrint feature. Both versions of the app are available now from the source links below.