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TomTom GPS leap year bug forces users to connect to PC for fix

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A select few TomTom GPS units have been hit with a Leap Year bug, but a software update has already been issued to fix the problem.

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TomTom GPS unit
TomTom GPS unit

February 29th may have been over a month ago, but several TomTom GPS units are just now encountering a leap year-related bug. According to the BBC, the bug makes it so that units can't connect to a GPS signal, instead presenting users with a blank grey screen. The issue first popped up on March 31st and is reportedly hitting users globally. You can check out the relatively small list of affected units at TomTom's customer support page — and thankfully, a fix has already been issued. In order to access it you'll need to connect your GPS unit to your PC and use the MyTomTom software to install the latest update.