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Official AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 ROM leaks

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Rootzwiki has leaked an Android 4.0 ROM for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note LTE

Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy Note LTE for AT&T review pictures
Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy Note LTE for AT&T review pictures

An official Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note has just been leaked by development site RootzWiki. Samsung recently announced that the update to Android 4.0 would be delayed until Q2, but it seems as though the delay isn't going to be quite as dramatic as it could've been. We've heard from a source familiar with the matter that this is a near-final release candidate going through internal testing right now, with an aim for a public release in the coming weeks.

We've tested out the ROM and can confirm that everything is working as it should. Like the Android 4.0 ROM for the Galaxy S II, not much has changed here, with the big visual additions being Face Unlock and the new multitasking menu. Now that RootzWiki has leaked Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs for the AT&T Galaxy S II, the Skyrocket, and the Note, there's only one question on our minds — how much longer will AT&T need to test these ROMs before releasing them officially?

Right now, the only way to get the build on your phone is to manually flash an update via your PC. Although it's relatively safe to do so, the custom firmware monitor on the Galaxy Note will flag the manual update, invalidating your warranty. If that doesn't bother you, you can wave goodbye to Gingerbread once and for all at the source link below.