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Instagram for Android updated with bugfixes, but doesn't support HTC One X

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In response to complaints from users of several devices, the developers of Instagram for Android have already pushed out an update intended to improve compatibility.

instagram android error
instagram android error

Instagram for Android was probably the most anticipated app on the platform before today's earlier release, but it's having a couple of teething problems. The developers have already pushed out an update intended to improve compatibility, after reports of the photo-sharing app not working on certain devices. It hasn't entirely fixed the problem, though — while our HTC One X refused to work before the update and pushed us out to the feed whenever we tried to take a photo, applying the update results in Instagram simply displaying the above message instead.

The One X's Tegra 3 processor may be responsible here, but it's still surprising to see the phone have issues — Instagram even uses it in the main promo shot on its own site. The app works fine on the HTC One S, though, and we're not seeing widespread reports of issues with any other models. If the app doesn't work properly on your device (running Android 2.2 or above), please let us know in the comments!