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Boutique Ivy Bridge desktops available from Maingear, Digital Storm, Velocity Micro and Origin PC

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Boutique PC makers Maingear, Digital Storm, Origin PC, and Velocity Micro are announcing availability for new desktop systems with Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors. Maingear is also offering a new case design in the Potenza and a redesign of its F131.

ivy bridge desktops 1000
ivy bridge desktops 1000

If building your own Ivy Bridge rig isn't your thing, boutique desktop makers Maingear, Digital Storm, Velocity Micro, and Origin PC are all announcing that they can add one of the new chips to your next custom desktop order. Also, to coincide with the release of the new chips, Maingear is updating the design for its F131 tower ($1,468 with a 3.1GHz Core i5-3450 and 1GB AMD Radeon HD 7770 GPU), which adds the same VRTX Cooling Technology found in the company's Shift rig ($1,552 for the stock version with the same processor and GPU). Maingear is also adding a new model called the Potenza, with a similar design and the same VRTX cooling, but built on a Mini-ITX motherboard for a svelte 7.4 x 9.25-inch footprint ($1,368 for the same config as above). Origin PC doesn't have any new chassis to celebrate Ivy Bridge, but it will sell you up to 1GHz worth of factory overclock for the Core i5-3570K and Core i7-3770K: $50 for the first 600MHz, and $50 more to bring those chips up to 4.8GHz, so long as you also pay for a corresponding liquid cooling kit in your package.

If small form factor is your thing, you might want take a look at Digital Storm’s Enix ($1,619 with a 3.4GHz Core i5-3570K and 1GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 560), which offers a similar package to the Potenza. Velocity Micro and Maingear both offer a variety of great-looking tower designs including the Raptor ($2,994 with the same CPU and GPU as the Enix above, and adding an Asetek Velocity Micro LiquiCool 6 cooling system) and the Shift we mentioned above. If you really want to ball out, though, take a look at Digital Storm’s Aventum. A quad-core setup with a new 3.6GHz Core i7-3820, three GeForce GTX 680s in SLI, and the company's Aventum Cryo-Tec cooling is only $8,051. So far, the new chips aren't available in any of Falcon Northwest or AVADirect's rigs, but we're expecting them soon.