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'World's first' voice-activated USB flash drive goes on sale for $49.95

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Retailer Hammacher Schlemmer is selling a voice-activated 8GB USB flash drive for $49.95.

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voice-activated usb flash drive
voice-activated usb flash drive

File security is (or should be) important to everyone, which is reflected in the countless USB drives offering data encryption, password protection, and biometric sensors. If those safeguards aren't enough, Hammacher Schlemmer has just the thing for you. For $49.95 you can be the proud owner of what is claimed to be the world's first voice-protected USB storage drive. Once you've set a password using software pre-installed on the drive, you'll be prompted to speak every time you plug it in to your PC or Mac to access your files. There's also a text-based password entry you can fall back on if you're unable to speak, have a cold, or forget the password. The drive comes with 8GB of storage and is available now, for anyone that believes the sound of their voice is more secure than 256-bit encryption.