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Foursquare update for BlackBerry brings NFC support and better GPS performance

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An update to the Foursquare app for BlackBerry adds NFC capabilities and improved performance.

blackberry foursquare non-assy
blackberry foursquare non-assy

Back in February Foursquare added NFC support for Android 4.0, and now it’s doing the same with an update for its BlackBerry client. If you have one of RIM's NFC-enabled devices, you’ll be able to share places and tips with other Foursquare users over NFC and check in using NFC stickers. It goes without saying, but you’re going to need an NFC-capable BlackBerry device to use the features, which means either the Bold 9790, 9900, or 9930; or the Curve 9350, 9360, 9370, or 9380.

While the Foursquare developers were adding NFC capability to the BlackBerry app they took the time to spruce up a few things, making everything snappier and improving GPS performance. If you're keen to get tapping, the update is available now from BlackBerry App World.