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Twitter and Pepsi team up for streaming concert series

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Twitter is teaming up with Pepsi to launch a new streaming concert series in early May.

Pepsi Live for Now
Pepsi Live for Now

As part of its new "Live for Now" advertising campaign, Pepsi is joining forces with Twitter to stream concerts on the social network. The shows are described as "exclusive pop-up, Twitter-enabled concerts," though there are no details beyond that, including who will actually be performing. Pepsi says that we can expect "major" artists, and the new ad campaign includes a television spot with Nicki Minaj, so it seems possible that she will be featured. The news comes as Facebook just launched a "Listen" button to make music a bigger part of its network, while YouTube recently livestreamed the Coachella music festival for the second year in a row. The Pepsi concert series will be kicking off in the US early next month.