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Visa digital wallet launching in UK, Spain, and France this fall

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Visa's digital wallet solution will be launching in three European countries starting this fall.

V me visa
V me visa

Visa has announced that its digital wallet solution will be launching in the UK, France, and Spain starting this fall. The service, which was announced last year, lets users combine their bank accounts with credit and debit cards into a payment service that's accessible with a username and password, much like PayPal. Visa says that will be available through its member banks and will let users add multiple cards to their wallets. At launch it will only be available as a website, though mobile apps and NFC-based payment solutions are expected to be added in the future.

In addition to the initial launch countries, Visa also announced a partnership with digital payment company WorldPay, which will help develop the service in the UK. Additional partners — including both banks and retailers — are expected to be announced for all three markets soon. There's currently no word on when will be reaching the rest of the world, though the service was initially expected to reach both the US and Canada in early 2012.