Anders Jeppsson tweets major gaming titles coming to BB10

Hey everyone,

I thought I'd take advantage of this week's BlackBerry World/Jam conferences in Orlando and reinvigorate the 'BlackBerry Juicers'.

There's been a bit of tweeting from RIM's Head of Gaming over the past week, hinting first at the arrival of Angry Birds Space to the PlayBook and told us all to hold tight for even bigger news this week. This morning we got word of Tomb Raider being available at App World, and now Anders' new tweets have ditched the hints to become more direct, announcing a slew of titles about to be released:

Anders Jeppsson tweets about games

Source: Crackberry

I'd like to think that BlackBerry has gained a bit of traction in getting some key games to the new platform, especially since they'll work with BB10 phones at launch and that it's all in C/C++. Do you think that with the NDK + Cascades they'll be able to start closing the app gap as well?