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iTunes Match reportedly going live in additional European countries including Italy, Austria, and Greece

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Apple's iTunes Match cloud music service is reportedly going live in several additional European countries today, with reports coming in from Italy, Austria, and Greece that the service has become available on their computers.

iTunes Match
iTunes Match

Apple's iTunes Match cloud music service is broadening its international reach, with the service reportedly going live in several new European countries. MacRumors reports that readers in Italy, Austria, and Greece have had to agree to an updated iTunes terms and conditions document — which includes references to the service — while others have been able to sign up for iTunes Match outright. MacStories has also posted screenshots from the Italian version of the service, which is shown as being priced at €24.99 a year. The site has received reports from iTunes users in Bulgaria, Portugal, and Slovenia as well, all of whom claim to have seen the service come to life on their computers. There's still no word from Apple, with the company's official iTunes Match page still showing the list of 37 supported countries that went into effect as of January's European rollout.