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Fake Kickstarter project 'Mythic' uncovered by internet users, forced to shut down

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A Kickstarter project for a game called "Mythic" was discovered buy internet users to be a scam, causing the perpetrators to cancel the project outright.

Mythic fake Kickstarter project
Mythic fake Kickstarter project

Online crowd-source funding site Kickstarter continues to break new funding records, so it's no surprise that some individuals would try to take advantage of the online community. One such attempt appears to have been the game Mythic: The Story of Gods and Men. Ostensibly the work of Little Monster Productions, the game was described as an action and strategy-based RPG that was being created by a team of 12 "industry veterans," some of them allegedly former Blizzard and Activision employees. The project had raised almost $5,000 of its $80,000 goal before users from a number of different online communities, including Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Reddit, noticed several problems: the artwork had been cribbed from outside sources, the photos of the company's purported offices had been lifted from another site, and even the game's poster art was a mash-up. After being called out, the creators of the campaign cancelled it, and have since been methodically deleting the game's Facebook profile and website. Ironically, the campaign page itself is still accessible — including a video that features the alleged creative director of Little Monster Productions himself. As for Kickstarter, we can't help but imagine we'll be seeing more of these kind of scams in the future; whether the company is taking additional steps to prevent them still remains to be seen.