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Paul Miller's final hours on the internet

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Paul Miller streams his last moments on the internet from The Verge HQ in New York.

Paul Miller final internet hours 640
Paul Miller final internet hours 640

Tonight, we're saying good-bye to a dear friend: Paul Miller is leaving the internet for a year. Before he renounces himself to a lonely existence filled with face-to-face social interactions, though, he's taking the time to publicly celebrate the elements of the web that most shaped him into the thoughtful, sophisticated, debonair Verge editor he is today. In other words, he'll be playing a lot of StarCraft and Minecraft. We also have it on good authority that other members of The Verge will appear in the video, which makes quite a bit of sense considering we're streaming it directly from our offices in New York. Follow along in the livestream below until midnight ET, and wish Paul good luck!

Update: And he pulled the plug. So long, Paul!