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Sonos hardware Controller killed by smartphones

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Sonos will cease sales of its dedicated hardware remote control starting June 1st, 2012 only to rely upon it's suite of dedicated Sonos Controller apps for Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS.

Sonos CR100 and CR200 Control
Sonos CR100 and CR200 Control

Sonos just brought an end to the dedicated hardware controller for its wireless music systems. Starting June 1st, Sonos will no longer sell the Control, aka CR200 remote control. Sonos customers will instead have to rely upon the bevy of free software controllers the company makes available for PCs and Macs, and Android and iOS phones and tablets. Here's how Sonos founder and CEO, John MacFarlane calls it:

"We knew from the early days of the iPhone explosion that controlling our system from the device that people were carrying around in their pockets is what we wanted."

The writing's been on the wall ever since the first free Sonos Controller app was introduced for the iPhone back in October of 2008. And while some long-term Sonos users (those that can remember struggling with the original CR100's scrollwheel navigation) may lament the loss of a dedicated touchscreen controller for quick access to their music — most will never know the difference. We certainly won't miss the $349 price tag, not when an old Android phone, iPhone or iPod touch can be repurposed for the same dedicated task for far fewer monies.

Sonos will honor the Control product warranty for two years from the date of registration with software updates scheduled to continue "for the foreseeable future."