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Motorola Android-powered DECT phones revealed by the FCC

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The Motorola HS1101 and MBP2000PU Android Home Phones have made an appearance at the FCC.

Motorola MBP200PU
Motorola MBP200PU

Motorola's been showing off DECT 6.0 phones running Android since as far back as 2010, but it appears the company has two models that are finally making their way through the real product pipeline. Engadget reports that the Motorola HS1101 and MBP2000PU Android Home Phones have both made appearances at the FCC, with images and full instruction manuals available. The Wi-Fi-enabled devices include all the features you'd expect from a modern cordless phone, complete with an integrated digital answering machine, but also give you the range of features you'd expect from a smartphone, allowing you to browse the web, email, and playback media as desired. While some would argue that for this type of functionality it'd be best to simply move to a smartphone, we love having options should you still be in need of traditional phone connectivity. Unfortunately, there is no price or availability information at this time.