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Google Maps adds real time delay info for London Underground in advance of Olympics

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The live transit update service on Google Maps is now available in London. The service is being rolled out in preparation for the Summer Olympics in that city.

google maps stock 1020
google maps stock 1020

Google is adding real time delay information for London's subways to Google Maps in advance of the Summer Olympics. Already live on the Google Maps website, as well as the recently updated Maps for Android (no iOS support at this point), the feature allows users to see if their planned route is affected by any train delays, as well as check a particular station to see if there are any announced delays on the horizon (pictured above). When live transit updates launched last year, the feature only supported a handful of US and European cities, but now Tube riders will have access to the latest delay information as well. While the addition will undoubtedly make planning easier for London travelers, it's worth noting that while Google offers bus delay info in some other cities, London delay info is Underground-only for now.