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Kuni Suzuki named Sony Mobile's new President and CEO

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Sony's Kunimasa Suzuki has been named the President and CEO of Sony Mobile Communications. Suzuki is relieving Bert Nordberg, who will become Chairman of the Board.

Sony Xperia S review_1020
Sony Xperia S review_1020

Sony's Kunimasa Suzuki, the newly-appointed board member and President of the company's UX and Product Strategy Group, has been named the new President and CEO of Sony Mobile Communications. Back when the company completed its acquisition of Sony Ericsson in February, Bert Nordberg stayed on as President and CEO of the renamed company. Under the company's new "One Sony" reorganization, however, Suzuki was named to "oversee the mobile business," and now he has the title to go with it.

The change will take effect on May 16th, at which point Nordberg will step down as CEO and become Chairman of Sony Mobile's board. Suzuki is handling a ton of responsibility under the new organizational structure, being in charge of planning and design for all of Sony's consumer products and services, improving user experience across the board, and beefing up the integration between everything Sony sells; on top of his new day job as Sony Mobile's CEO. Godspeed, Mr. Suzuki — the future of One Sony is on your shoulders.