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Microsoft and Best Buy invite you 'behind the tiles' of Windows Phone, tease Skype in the process

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Microsoft and Best Buy are running a series of events called Behind the Tiles, aiming to educate people on the virtues of Windows Phones

behind the tiles
behind the tiles

Microsoft is joining forces with Best Buy to put on a number of invite-only in-store Windows Phone events named "Behind the Tiles." The events will consist of an instructor-led demo lab showing off the Lumia 900's capabilities, a look into the Metro UI and its future, as well as giving attendees the opportunity to win "great prizes." There'll also be free food and drink and the opportunity to play with the latest Windows Phone handsets.

While all of that sounds just wonderful, we have to admit we're more interested in the Skype tile featuring front and center on the Behind the Tiles logo. We recently had the chance to spend some time with a beta version of the app, which is set for release later this month. The events will run a total of 36 times over 12 nationwide locations between April 19 and May 26. If you want the opportunity to attend you can click through to the application form at the source link below.