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LG Magic Remote smart TV voice control launching later this month

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LG has announced availability of the voice control features of its Magic Remote, as previously shown at CES 2012.

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LG's 2012 range of Cinema Smart TVs is launching within the next 10 days, bringing with it the voice control feature that we played with back at CES in January. The voice control system allows you to search for TV content, as well as within the internet and social elements of the TV, all using the mic built into the Magic Remote. The feature completes the trifecta of interaction methods that the Magic Remote allows, with motion and button control also available.

As we suspected, the voice recognition technology is provided by Nuance, which powers Dragon on computers as well as a number of mobile apps and should provide a reliable speech-to-text translation. SlashGear is reporting that all units released after April will ship with the voice recognition update preinstalled, while all TVs compatible with the smart remote will receive the update by the end of the month.