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'GoldenEye' title director creating grindhouse-inspired Intel ultrabook ads

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Three new Intel commercials made by James Bond title director Daniel Kleinman showcase Intel-inspired ultrabooks in settings from mid-20th-century genre films.

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Intel wants you to know that whatever you might think, its super-modern ultrabooks are definitely better than laptops from the Middle Ages. A series of new commercials will showcase Intel's "new era of computing" by showing the ultrabook in settings from mid-20th-century genre films. So far, all we've seen is "Desperado," a spaghetti western where gunslingers have their ThinkPad analogues upstaged by an Intel ultrabook. The second ad, "House of Flying Laptops," will feature a fight between laptop-wielding Ming Dynasty women, and the third will apparently include "less-than-enthused knights" watching a Powerpoint presentation.

The ads are directed by Daniel Kleinman, who's best known for creating the title sequences for James Bond films between GoldenEye in 1995 and Casino Royale in 2006. Besides the above-average production values and writing, perhaps the biggest surprise about these ads is how nice they are. Partly, of course, that's because Intel's chips and design ideas are pretty widely distributed. But being as accustomed as we are to confrontational proxy wars between Macs and PCs, Samsung and Apple, or Microsoft and Google, it's actually fairly refreshing to see something that doesn't feel like the precursor to a lawsuit.