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Google Chrome Web Store update makes it easier to find apps and extensions

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Google has updated its Chrome Web Store to improve the process of browsing its rapidly growing selection of apps and extensions.

Google Web Store Trending
Google Web Store Trending

Google has introduced some changes to its Chrome Web Store that should make navigating the plethora of available apps and extensions an easier ordeal. A brand new Trending section now lists the hottest offerings, ranking each from "warm" to "on fire" to indicate popularity among Chrome users. (Download Master, a game called Conveyer, and's Scoreboard extension currently sit atop the list.) Google specifically refers to the view as being an "early version" suggesting that we can expect the feature to evolve some going forward. While a redesign back in October modernized the site's UI, it didn't help much in terms of usability, and the Store's sorting and browsing tools have long needed an update.

You'll also now have an easier time locating apps that include a specific functionality such as offline support. Google has added badges to the landing page of each app or extension that indicate these unique abilities, and users can simply click on a badge to view other downloads that share the same behavior. Another recent addition, subcategories, help dig a bit deeper into the store's catalog, splitting broad areas like "Entertainment" into more specific pages for books, music, video, and photos. Finally, Google promises an improved search experience that now incorporates autocomplete suggestions for web store content.