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What does it mean when iPhone users complain about Instagram on Android?

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Buzzfeed explores the reaction of iPhone users to the release of Instagram for Android.

instagram grid pictures
instagram grid pictures

It's no secret that some people take their mobile OSes very personally — just as your parents weren't likely to buy you both a Super Nintendo and a Sega Genesis, you're probably not going to take out multiple phone contracts, and as such you may need validation that you made the right decision. This extends to the app world, too, and former iOS poster boy Instagram's jump to Android this week had a few iPhone users questioning their identity:

Buzzfeed has a piece up examining the psychology of this sentiment and how it relates to the statistical breakdown of iPhone and Android demographics. Data shows that iPhone users do tend to be relatively better-off, urban, and liberal, with Android providing more options for people seeking low-cost data plans, and this can lead to snobbery from the former group that coalesces more or less exactly with Instagram's retro-cool aesthetic. You'd think that the 30 million iOS Instagram users would be happy about the potential influx of hundreds of millions of new users on what is ostensibly a social network, but why that isn't the case for some raises some troubling questions. Make sure to check out the full piece at the source link below.