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AP teams up with video-broadcasting service to crowdsource news footage

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The Associated Press has partnered with video service Bambuser to help source news footage from citizen journalists across the world.

AP partners with Bambuser
AP partners with Bambuser

CNN has been allowing regular citizens to submit their own video reports with iReport since 2006, and now the Associated Press is getting in on the action. The organization has partnered with online broadcasting service Bambuser to access footage and live broadcasts from the service's users for integration into official AP reports. By clicking a checkbox in the Bambuser dashboard, users grant permission to the AP to use their footage across the globe. Any footage will then be vetted by the news organization, and if used, will be credited using the videographer's Bambuser profile name. The AP has already drawn upon Bambuser footage to help document the recent violence in Syria, and as part of the partnership it will also be exploring the use of Bambuser's platform for its own journalists. The proliferation of video-capable mobile devices provides a unique way to source footage for news events on the ground as they happen, so if you'd like to contribute yourself, head over to Bambuser's site to see if your device is compatible.