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Microsoft to unveil Exchange 15 at resurrected MEC this September

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Microsoft is reviving the MEC event to show off Exchange 15 in Orlando, Florida from September 24-26. Registration is now open.

microsoft exchange logo
microsoft exchange logo

Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) was an event focused on the company's Exchange Server software that handles mail, calendars, contacts, and tasks, but it hasn't been held for the past decade. That all changes this September 24-26, as Microsoft is reviving the event to show off Exchange 15 in Orlando, Florida. MEC 2012 attendees will be able to meet and get "exclusive content" from the Exchange team, as well as getting the chance to try out the software themselves.

Exchange 15 has already had a preview version released alongside the Office 15 Technical Preview, and ZDNet reports from its contacts that Microsoft is looking to release Office 15 in November this year. With Exchange 15 ready for showtime by September, the late 2012 release schedule for both products may well be on track. If you're interested in attending MEC 2012, registration is now open at an "early bird" price of $1,800.