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Nikon D4 mechanics captured at 1,000 frames per stunning second

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Video footage of the Nikon D4 in operation, captured with a Phantom HD Gold camera at 1000 frames a second.

nikon D4
nikon D4

At 11 full-resolution frames per second, the Nikon D4 is a pretty fast camera by most people's standards. It's not quite a match for the Phantom HD Gold, however, which was recently used in a gorgeous amateur promo video to capture slow motion footage of the D4's shutter at 1,000 frames per second. The video was created by a couple of employees from the Scheimpflug photography equipment service, who gave the D4 the lavish attention to detail normally reserved for Formula One cars or military hardware in Jerry Bruckheimer movies, with the mirror crashing up and down like a concrete guillotine. Make sure to watch the video below — the shutter-slapping action begins at around the 0:55 mark.