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Samsung's new UHS-1 microSD card redlines at 80MB/s

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Samsung has begun mass production of its new UHS-1 microSD cards. The cards have a sequential read speed of 80MB/s and are designed for LTE-equipped smartphones and tablets.

samsung uhs-1 microsd
samsung uhs-1 microsd

Samsung has begun mass producing Ultra High Speed-1 (UHS-1) microSD cards with 80MB/s sequential read speeds, the company announced today. The UHS-1 interface is usually used in the kinds of high speed full-size SDHC and SDXC cards marketed to photographers and videographers. Up until now, the UHS-1 microSD cards on the market have typically topped out at 30MB/s, meaning these could very well be the fastest microSDs out there.

The 16GB cards (bigger sizes are in the works) are ostensibly designed for LTE-equipped smartphones and tablets, where a slow card could act as a bottleneck. That said, it has been shown that microSD cards tuned for speed have actually had less than stellar random access performance, so it's hard to know what effect the speed boost will have on your device. No details have been announced for availability, but we're keeping our eyes peeled.