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Nokia details its history via Facebook Timeline, dates back to 1865

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Nokia's Facebook page has been upgraded to utilize the Timeline feature, detailing the company's history all the way back to 1865.

Nokia Facebook Timeline
Nokia Facebook Timeline

Now that Facebook Timelines are mandatory for brands, we've seen plenty of creative uses of the feature — from the history of the White House to Spotify's look at centuries worth of musical milestones. Now Nokia has updated its page to detail its own history dating back to 1865 when the company was little more than a wood pulp mill. The Timeline isn't exactly exhaustive, with only a few entries from Nokia's pre-mobile phone days, but it does provide a look at some of the key events from the company's history — ranging from its days making rubber boots and tires all the way up to the release of one of the first portable phones in 1984. It's a fun look at notable moments and products from Nokia's past and the company is hoping that its followers will also help populate the page with their own Nokia-related images and memories. Be sure to check the source link below to reminisce about the times when phones weighed 5 kilograms and Neo used a Nokia.