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YouTube now converting all 1080p video uploads to 3D

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Every short form 1080p video uploaded to YouTube will now be automatically converted to 3D.

YouTube 3D
YouTube 3D

Last year, YouTube rolled out a beta feature that let users convert standard 2D videos to 3D with one click. While the feature is still in beta, YouTube is feeling confident enough in it to roll things out on a wider scale — now, every "short form" 1080p video uploaded to YouTube will automatically be converted to 3D. If you want to watch in 3D, there's now an option in the quality menu — just remember to bust out your 3D glasses.

YouTube also took a moment to explain some of the background on how its 3D conversion process works: part of the process involves machine learning based on the growing library of true 3D videos on YouTube. It also analyzes color, spatial layout, motion, and other video characteristics to estimate a depth map for each frame of a standard video. While we can't say this is a feature we've been longing for from YouTube, it's not that surprising to see the internet's biggest video site jump on the 3D bandwagon.