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FileMaker Pro 12 launches with new design tools and better iOS integration

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The latest version of FileMaker Pro has launched, giving you new tools to create better looking databases that play well with iOS.

FileMaker Pro 12
FileMaker Pro 12

FileMaker has released the latest edition of its database creation software, and FileMaker Pro 12 brings with it a number new design features and enhanced iOS integration. The program lets users choose from 16 new starter templates when building a new database, and there are a total of 40 new visual themes to change up the look, several of which have been designed with an iOS interface in mind. You'll also have additional tools to further customize these themes to your liking with different colors and layouts. Aside from visual changes, FileMaker Pro 12 also supports drag-and-drop storage for a wide array of media types, including video and audio, and files can now be automatically encrypted for an extra dash of security. The program is available now as a $299 download ($179 if you're upgrading) for both Windows and Mac OSX, and new versions of the iOS companion apps are available for the iPhone and iPad.