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Cisco launches app-enabled 'smart' Wi-Fi routers to control your home and appliances

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Cisco is working with partners like Whirlpool so that its new routers can be used to control any connected device in your home.

Cisco Smart Router
Cisco Smart Router

Cisco has revealed a trio of what it describes as Smart Wi-Fi routers, which are "app-enabled" and will eventually let users control their entire home network from a mobile device — including connected appliances. In addition to letting you set-up a home Wi-Fi network, the routers also work with the Cisco Connect Express app, which (like the recently launched Netgear Genie) lets users manage settings for that network from a tablet or smartphone. But eventually the routers will also connect to upcoming software called Cisco Connect Cloud, which can be used to manage multiple wireless networks, but will also be able to interact with upcoming apps from makers of a variety of connected devices.

No specific apps have been announced yet, but Cisco says that it is working with appliance maker Whirlpool and over two dozen other companies to make apps that will cover areas such as "home control, entertainment, and protection." Unfortunately, there's little in the way of details as to what you'll actually be able to do with these apps or how they'll be integrated into the overall network. We should be able to find out soon, though: the routers themselves are available now — ranging in price from $99 to $199 — while Cisco Cloud Connect and the first wave of compatible apps are expected to launch in June.