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Twitter reimagined for the command line era

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Twitter was rendered as if it was invented in the 80s by Squirrel Monkey

Twitter 80s interface
Twitter 80s interface

We're suckers for retro-computing here — while we wouldn't want to deal only in command lines on low-resolution CRT screens, seeing the software of old always brings a pleasant flood of nostalgia. Even more amusing is seeing modern day services rendered in the style of yesteryear, which is exactly what Squirrel Monkey has done to Twitter. Following a look at Facebook from the 90s, Twitter from the 80s imagines a world where we attach documents and executables to our tweets, rather than links or photos — other than that, it looks like pretty much the same service we have today (even the trending topic of #Madonna could pop up today easily enough). Still, where would Twitter be without links and images? While we can respect the command line UI, it's not ideal for microblogging.