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Samsung has 'no immediate plan' for 3D smartphones

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Samsung has explained that it has "no immediate plan" to add 3D technology to any of its upcoming smartphones.

RealD 3D glasses recycle box (1020)
RealD 3D glasses recycle box (1020)

Samsung is no stranger to 3D — putting the technology in everything from PCs to televisions — but the company won't be bringing it to smartphones anytime soon, telling Engadget that it has "no immediate plan" to include 3D displays in any of its upcoming devices. This means that future owners of smartphones like the anticipated Galaxy S III will likely be "stuck" with Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus displays instead. While competitors like LG are already testing the market with handsets with 3D capabilities, Samsung is likely staying put until the demand for the displays gets quite a bit bigger. After all, just look at HTC's strategy — the company dabbled in 3D last year with the Evo 3D, but has since pulled back.