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Prada-clad Final Fantasy characters appearing in fashion magazine spread for 25th anniversary

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Under the direction of Square Enix, fashion magazine Arena Homme+ is releasing a photo spread showing Final Fantasy characters dressed in outfits from Prada's latest collection.

Final Fantasy Prada
Final Fantasy Prada

Final Fantasy characters aren't exactly known for their dress sense, so it's a bit surprising to see them trade half-pants and belt-skirts for the latest Prada fashions. Next week's issue of men's fashion magazine Arena Homme+ will feature a 12-page spread of characters from Final Fantasy XIII-2 in clothes from the Prada Spring 2012 collection. The graphics were designed under the direction of Square Enix and included input from Final Fantasy character designers in order to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the franchise.

Unlike with LG's luxury Prada phone, this spread apparently wasn't created with input from the clothing label. The fusion of organic-looking clothes with the decidedly uncanny valley characters is a bit jarring, but we're fairly entertained by the photos we've seen so far. Turnabout is fair play, so we wouldn't mind seeing some Pradafied versions of what Noel, Lightning, Snow, and others actually wear in the game as well.